Glimåkra Drawloom - 59" Weaving Width

10 treadle, 10 shaft, 50-shaft/single-unit Myrehed combination draw attachment

     This older loom (from the 70’s) is currently set up with 8 ground shafts, 50 pattern shafts, 10 treadles and a single back beam.
    The loom has been upgraded from the original string heddles to full Texsolv but otherwise it’s the original loom, built to last for centuries! As they say, "they don't build them like this any more"
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This is a wonderful loom, I just don’t have room for it in my new house. Price: $8200. New,this loom with all the accessories would cost over $11,600. You can check the Glimakra price list here. The loom is located in Massachusetts and will have to be picked up. If you are interested, please contact me by email or call or text 774-571-0874.