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WGRI Meeting and Program Calendar 2016-2017

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September 10, 2016 - Seeking Uniqueness - Weaving Far and Near

Marjorie Durko Puryear Marjorie Puryear Professor Emeritus of Textile Design/Fiber Arts, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, earned a BFA/Textiles from the Art Institute of Chicago (studying with Else Regensteiner) and an MFA/Textiles from Indiana University, Bloomington. She has taken workshops at the Center for Textiles in Montreal Canada (digital Jacquard design and weaving) ; Harrisville Designs, New Hampshire; and Penland School of Craft, North Carolina.

Marjorie retired in 2009 after thirty-four years of university teaching and has exhibited artwork nationally and internationally. Exhibition highlights include: Half the Sky , Shenyang, China; "Tradition and Innovation"; Museum of Decorative Arts, Riga, Latvia; and one-person exhibitions at Selden Gallery, Norfolk VA; Fuller Museum, Brockton MA; ACR Gallery, Chicago IL.

Textiles from world cultures are a central part of Marjorie's life, motivating a great deal of travel through the years for professional research and textile collecting. She has traveled to Western Europe, the Ukraine, and in 2006 to Uzbekistan with a consulting group for indigenous embroidery and rug-weaving workshops in the museum city of Khiva.

Visit Marjorie's website and blog

October 1st, 2016 Gail Callahan " The Kangaroo Dyer" Color and texture

Gail Callahan Gail Callahan started her odyssey as the Kangaroo Quilter, designing quilts and bags as an expression of her love of fabric and color. Color and texture have always been priorities for Gail. She became more accomplished in these areas. Using her instinct for color, Gail begins with un-dyed skeins of yarn, creatively blending until the final product is both beautiful to look at and sensual to handle. As a by-product, Gail now hand-dyes silk scarves and sashes, creating elegant fashion accessories at a modest price. Gail continues to work and teach at WEBS, America's Yarn Store in Northampton, MA

November 5th, 2016 - Susan Targove: Beneath the Kilt: the History, Design, and Weaving of Tartan
Gail Callahan

From third-century Scotland to the von Prondzynski tartan registered in September 2016, tartan is easily recognized - and poorly understood. This wide-ranging slide-show presentation will give you an overview of tartan; a process for easily designing your own tartan; and specifics on how a professional tartan weaver handles warping, weaving, and finishing a textile with frequent color changes in both the warp and the weft.

Susan Targove started weaving in 1998 as an escape from her office cubicle and eventually left the cubicle for a fiber studio. Completely unable to say no, she is a former Dean of the Weavers' Guild of Boston and currently serves on the boards for the Boston guild, the Nashoba Valley Weavers' Guild, and the New England Weavers' Seminar. She lives in Lunenburg with her engineer husband and two cats.

December 3rd, 2016 - Sally Eyring: 3D Loom Weaving
Sally Eyring<

The world isn't flat, so why should you think of your weaving as always being flat? You have spent years learning the rules of two dimensional weaving; now learn how to break those rules to weave 3D sculptural forms.

Basket weavers have been weaving three dimensional objects since antiquity, but Sally will explain her techniques for weaving specific shapes on a loom. Her techniques allows the shape to be actually woven in, and do not depend on differential shrinkage or sewing for their shape. For example, in one weaving the resulting fabric had a selvage of 54 inches on one edge and 11 inches on the other! Although she sometimes uses non-traditional materials such as copper wire for more artistic pieces, this weaving can be done with standard cotton / linen / wool yarn.

Sally Eyring has been weaving and building tools since childhood. She earned a BA in Mathematics Education from Arizona State University and a MFA from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. Her MFA graduate project described the immigration experience through woven sculptural headdresses, using a unique 3D weaving method that she invented. Her work has been featured in the Complex Weavers Journal, Handwoven, and Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot.

In addition to weaving, Sally both renovates and builds looms, and does glass casting. She built a tapestry loom from scratch, modified a counterbalance loom into a jack loom, modified multiple horizontal countermarch looms into parallel countermarch looms, and built both a draw loom and a 32 shaft computer dobby loom. Some of the tools that she has built include a horizontal warping mill, an electric bobbin winder, warping trapezes, and a cold mangle. In addition to her own looms, Sally has been gifted with seven or eight looms that she has renovated and donated to weaving students at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Her 3D weaving can be seen here and here. During her lecture Sally will explain how these unique pieces were created. You can see her work with glass at Glass Dreams

January 7th, 2017 Cancelled

February 4th, 2017 Mayfair Hall: Ribbon Weaving
Ribbon Purse
Over twenty years ago,I began creating handmade ribbon weavings, developing a craft and artistry that brought me a great deal of joy and satisfaction. When the demand for these custom creations began to require a devotion of more time than a mere hobby allows, Mayfair T. Hall Originals sprang to life.
Whether adorning an item of apparel or an accessory, such as a scarf or purse, pillow or wall tapestry, each piece is handwoven with care and artistic precision, representing my true passion for color and perfectionism.
My mission, with each and every piece that I create is to produce a quality and unique product and to leave my customers more than satisfied.
The picture above is a product that I make with my weaving. It is basically for young people to use when they are going out at night. The strap is long enough to go across the chest and sit at the hip and just enough room for ID, keys, drivers license and some money and you can keep it on you when you are dancing. Size is approx 6" X 6"

March 4, 2017 Norma Smayda: Three Shaft Weaves: More For Less
Norma Smayda

Three and other odd-shaft weaves present interesting considerations, not the least is the unbalanced tie-up. Often more complex structures and weave theory are found with three shaft weaving than with the more straight forward four shaft weaves. This is because of the 2/1 tie-up as opposed to the 2/2 tie-up.

There are the well-known three shaft jeans twill and krokbragd structures. We'll talk about other possibilities such as three block summer and winter, overshot, lace, many twill variations, color and weave, and warp faced weaves. Methods for using a counterbalance loom will be discussed.

Norma Smayda is the head Saunderstown Weaving School. She is a weaver, teacher, exhibitor and juror. She co-authored Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes and the soon-to-be released Ondulè Textiles: Weaving Contours with a Fan Reed.

April 1st, 2017 Manon Pelletier and Judy Schaefer - Sewing with Handwoven Fabric (morning presentation, afternoon workshop)
Note location change Clark Memorial Library in Carolina, RI
Morning talk Slide presentation with handout listing an overview of sewing with handwoven fabric: From design to finishing techniques for one of a kind garments. Various garments will be on display for viewing.
Afternoon workshop The purpose of the workshop is to teach several seam treatments and finishing techniques that are critical in achieving a professional, polished look to garments. Students will work from a kit provided by the instructors and complete up to 10 samples to take home. Each student should bring a sewing machine and basic sewing supplies (scissors, pins, measuring tape, etc.). Limit: 10 participants
Manon Pelletier is a Master Seamstress with over 40 years experience in garment construction.
Judy Schaefer is a seamstress with over 40 years sewing experience with teaching credentials from a major sewing manufacturer.
Both Manon and Judy are weavers and guild members whose passion and focus is on handwoven cloth for garment construction.

May 4th & 5th, 2017 Sally Eyring Workshop - 3-D Weaving
The world isn't flat, so why should you think of your weaving as always being flat? You have spent years learning the rules of two dimensional weaving; now learn how to break those rules to weave 3D Sculptural forms. Basket weavers have been weaving three dimensional objects since antiquity, but this class will give you the thought processes and ideas for weaving 3D forms on your loom.
Workshop will be held at the North Kingstown Library.
May 4: noon-5pm
May 5: noon-4pm
The workshop is limited to 12 participants. Cost will be determined by the number of participants and will be between $50 and $75. There is a $10 fee for tools and materials provided by the instructor. Sign-up sheets will be available at the February meeting. A list of supplies will be provided with the sign-up sheet. Each participant will need to bring a (minimum) 4-shaft floor or table loom, warped according to the workshop instructions.
Her 3D weaving can be seen here and here.

May 6th, 2017 Sally Eyring, "Hot Topic - Weaving with Glass"
You may have noticed that weaving requires materials that are somewhat flexible. . . . So how is it even possible to weave with a material as totally rigid and fragile as glass? And what does the American Studio Glass Movement have in common with modern weaving technology? In addition, what if you want to weave with glass but don't have all of the necessary equipment? If these momentous issues have been keeping you awake at night, then this talk will answer all of your questions.

June 3rd, 2017 Pot Luck and Towel Exchange